A single graphical platform for Modular Audio Synthesis VJ & Laser Graphics Cross-curricular Education Data Analysis & Visualisation

For Musicians

Create those amazing analog synthesiser sounds without a room full of equipment!

Using the same technique of plugging modules together used by the synth greats you can build synthesisers, drum machines, sequencers and effects units which you can play from MIDI keyboards or just let them run and create algorithmic music.

For VJs and Light Artists

Spice up your shows with stunning algorithmic video and laser graphics – control from keyboard, mouse or MIDI, or automate with sound active animation.

Produce multi-screen video graphics, connect to lasers with ILDA standard protocols and lighting fixtures with DMX – all from a single system!

For Education

Enable learners to create and explore complex ‘virtual machines’ by dragging, dropping and connecting simple modules. The modules cover electronic music, vector graphics, mathematics, data analysis and real-world interfacing.

As well as enabling exciting new ways to teach individual subjects, ViGraph stimulates computational thinking without hitting the barriers inherent in coding.

For Data Scientists

Use the power of dataflow machines to analyse and graph data series and realtime inputs.  Create and share dashboards in video or Web pages.

Connect processes with drag and drop to deliver professional statistical analysis without writing a line of code or being a spreadsheet formula guru…

(future development – see woodfortrees.org for an early prototype with an old-fashioned interface)